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Testimonials for Dr. Josh Handt DC

Dr. Josh Handt is a great podcast host who made me extremely comfortable on the show. His natural and confident style allows for a great conversation that helps the message connect to the listener. As a colleague in the natural health world, I'm glad to have been able to share my story with his audience." - Dr. Josh Axe

As a syndicated TV and radio host for 25 years, I’ve interviewed over a thousand best-selling authors, celebrities and sports icons. After publishing my book, I had to turn the microphone around and become the interviewee. My very first experience as a podcast guest was on Lifestyle Locker. That was two years ago and since then I’ve been a guest on over a hundred podcasts. The saying ‘you never forget your first time’ holds true. Compared to all the other hosts, Josh truly does his homework, asks stellar questions and is a great listener. I’m now a devoted Lifestyle Locker listener and fan!”

Dr. David Friedman, International award-winning, #1 best-selling author of Food sanity. 

Authentic,Truth Finder, Brilliant, Connects with listener, Fun loving yet professional
Discerning, caring and protective of his tribe, and Humble
These are some of qualities that make Dr. Josh a great interviewer and a joy to be on his podcast. He is a true professional making the interview process seamless.
In a world where there is so much noise and hard to sift through dis and misinformation, his presence and conviction to his audience create an environment for shining the light on the truth and being of great service to humanity.

Caroline Angel- Barefood Angel
 Josh made the interview process seamless and has the system of podcasting dialed in. I have been interviewed on many podcasts and Josh's prep work as well as the ease of questions made the process smooth and exciting to work with. Looking forward to watching Josh grow as he was meant to be a public figure in the healthcare space!
-Dr. Austin Cohen
  I met Josh through a group we both belong to and new immediately that he was someone with integrity. Being a guest on his podcast was a great experience because Josh is so easy to talk to and the conversation just flowed. When you’re in alignment in and of service to others, and take yourself out of the equation, magic happens and our f**k diet conversation was fun and inspiring! Thank you Josh for being a great host! Can’t wait to be on again!
-Sharon Holand
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